Tæl Skridt campaign data responsibility – Privacy policy introduction

As we process personal information we have adopted this privacy policy which shortly explains how we treat your personal information to make sure it is a fair and transparent process.
We only process personal information for specific purposes and with justifiable and legitimate interests in mind. We only process personal data which is relevant and necessary to fulfill the specified purposes and we will delete your data when it is no longer essential.

Contact information regarding data responsibility

Dansk Firmaidræt is responsible for the data and we are making sure that your personal information are treated in compliance with the law.

Contact information:
Lars Borup Andersen – Head of administration
Address: Storebæltsvej 11
CVR: 29784515
Tel: 65316560

Treatment of personal information

We are processing the following personal information:

  • Information about the team captains:
    • Regular personal information:
      • Registration and contact information like name, company name, address, postal code, city, registration date, telephone number, e-mail address, TransID when using credit card, relation to the participants.
    • Information about the participants:
      • Regular personal information
        • Contact information like name, telephone number and e-mail address
        • Relation to team captain
      • Information about companies:

E-mail address, company name, EAN, first name, last name, mobilephone number, address, postal code, city and possibly reference.

This is where we collect out data from

Usually we get the information from you. In some cases there can be other sources like:

  • When your team captain sign you up as participant.

The campaigns purpose regarding treatment of your personal information.

We are processing your persona information for specific purposes when we have a legal reason to.
Purposes of processing participants personal information:

  • Management of the participants in the campaign including payment details
  • As part of the campaign activities including planning, completion and follow up
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements including the Public Information Act
  • Delivery of your merchandise and service orders
  • Administration of your relation to us.

We only process personal information of legitimate interest

As we are operating on basis of legitimate interests, your information as participant will only be used in relevant areas of interest like:

  • Implementation of campaign activities including team line-up, internal results, winner draw etc.
  • Fulfillment of participant obligations including payment etc.
  • Because of practical and administrative reasons we will store your regular personal information. Also in a period of time after your relation to the campaign has ended.

Passing on your personal information

We do not pass on your personal information to companies for advertisement without your consent.

Storing and deleting your personal information

After your participation we store your personal information in a period of time in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Because of practical and administrative reasons we store the participants regular information for up to 3 years after participating in the campaign.

Your rights

When we process your personal information you have a number of certain rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation:

  • The right to be informed about the handling of personal data
  • The right to insight in your own personal information
  • The right to rectification
  • The right to delete
  • The right to limit management
  • The right of data portability (disclosure of information)
  • The right to objection

You can amongst other things exercise your rights by objecting to our management by contacting us. You can find our contact information above.
If as an example you contact us regarding a request to edit or delete your personal information, we will check if the conditions are valid, and if that is the case we will fulfill your request as quickly as possible.
You can always file a complaint to a data protection supervisory authority like The Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet)

Revision of privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes in this privacy policy from time to time. Should any changes occur, the date on top of the privacy policy will be changed. The existing privacy policy will always be available on our website. You will be notified should there occur any essential changes to the policy.

Updated April 1. 2022

The appendix is jointly developed by Danmarks Idrætsforbund and DGI.
January 2018.
Subsequently edited by Dansk Firmaidræt
February 2018 and the Tæl Skridt campaign in May 2018.